About the race

The race will be a 4 hour team relay event  (2 hours only for Sub Juniors).

Teams will consist of 3 or 4 riders. 
There will be Male, Female and Mixed categories in each of the 4 divisions: 

Senior: Years 11 & 12 
Intermediate: Years 9 & 10 
Junior: Years 7 & 8

Sub Junior: Years 5 & 6 (Primary Schools)

The team with the most number of laps completed in the 4 hours (2 hours for Sub Juniors) will be the winner. There will be points awarded for participation and category results to determine the Riverina All Schools XC MTB Champion.


 CONTACT US.  To register your school’s interest, please email schools juniormtbwagga@gmail.com


Schools will then be notified as more information becomes available.