Race Day

Friday November 15

7:30 – 9:30am:  Registration opens 

8:00 – 9:40am:  Track open for practice

9:45am: Rider briefing, compulsory attendance for all riders

10:00am: Race start for all categories

11:50am: Course for sub-junior closes

12:00am: Sub-Junior 2hr race finish (laps completed after this will not be counted)

12:15am: Presentation for Sub-Junior category

1:50pm: Course closes

2:00pm: Race finishes (lap completed after this will not be counted)

2:15pm: Presentation for remaining categories


Race Registration

Each team supervisor must bring to the registration desk:

  1. For each rider, there must be a completed and signed Parent/Guardian Race Waiver Form (download and print this from web site). Remember, no form – no ride!

  2. Following registration, the team supervisor will be given the race plates for each rider in their team.